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Lattice Tower – Light Duty LT Series

Manufactured with a variety of light duty applications in mind, including area and perimeter lighting at ports and airports, sports grounds and construction sites, our LT series lattice towers can also be used as wind anemometers, CCTV towers and for lightweight antenna loading.

Featuring a straightforward design in structures up to 18.3 metres in height, these simple towers come with step rungs and a fall arrest system so trained operatives can carry out occasional maintenance and re-lamping when required.

Fabricated to meet stringent British Standards, this economical and practical area lighting solution is finished in hot dipped galvanised steel, and is constructed from tapered triangular sections secured with solid round bracings, for ease of transportation and installation once on site.

Specification Information

  • Triangular fully welded prefabricated lattice sections with tubular legs and solid round bracings, with bolted site flange joints
  • Manufactured from mild steel BS EN 10025:S275
  • Available as towers of up to 18.3 metres in height
  • Welded rungs for maintenance by trained operatives
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish to meet BS EN ISO 1461
  • Crossarm or mounting pole arrangement to suit headload
  • Optional fall arrest system available on request

Key Benefits

The durable, economical and pragmatic solution to all your light duty area lighting requirements, Towermaster’s LT series of lattice towers get the job done in a straightforward way, ensuring you get years of excellent service combined with efficient and cost-effective maintenance operation.

More Information & Data Sheet

You can download the PDF datasheet for the LT series below. If you have any questions and would like to contact our engineering team, phone 01376 320100 or email